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Why customers choose us?
  • Reliability
  • Full construction
  • The full list of business services
  • Satisfied customers
  • 96% of our clients remain to live and work in Ukraine
About us

Currently, B&R is the leader on the market of the services related to foreign citizens migration to Ukraine. Contacting us you get:

  • Security
  • Quality
  • Service
  • Shortest possible terms
  • Lowest price
  • Complete guidance during your entire stay in Ukraine

What you will get having used our services:

  1. Comfortable living in a European country with wonderful sceneries
  2. Option to choose any Ukrainian city you like
  3. A complete package of docs and services required for a legal stay on the territory of Ukraine
  4. Assistance in any issues related to the purchase/rental of real estate, business and leisure organization etc
  5. The team of professionals consisting of lawyers, managers, high profile specialists who might help in any situation. Just Dial.

All our customers recommend us to their relatives, friends, and parents. We are ready to provide you with the contacts of our satisfied customers so that you could make sure about the quality and assistance level of our team!

Our team
  • Alexandr
  • Julia
  • Vartan
Our services
  • Invitations
    from 100 $

    Getting an invitation to Ukraine is the first step of your preparation to come to our country. Our company is ready to help you with this matter and settle all organizational nuances in appropriate state departments.

    Four your invitation processing we need the copy of your passport with your personal details and the purpose of your visit to Ukraine planned term of stay together with the source of financing of your stay in Ukraine.

    If you are not sure about the correct purpose of your visit or have other questions related to this document processing you can always contact us via the contact us form for checking the moment you are interested at in order to get consultations from our specialists.

    After such organizational moments agreeing, service price settlement our team member start processing the invitation at appropriate organizational bodies and notarize it.

    As soon as the document is ready the company sends it in any convenient way depending at the Ukrainian embassy requirements in your country or your personal needs.

    Meanwhile, the specialists of our company can consult yours on the list of the documents required by the Ukrainian embassy in your country of residence.

    The price of such service starts from 100USD and depends on the type of invitation and consulting and organizational services provided by our team.

    The price is agreed with each customer separately during the application for the invitation

    • Processed documents legality
    • Consulting assistance
    • Inviting party documents copies
    • Medical insurance
    • Assistance on the matters of lodging and other household aspects
    • Low price
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  • Work permit
    from 500 $

    If you are the foreigner and plan to work on the territory of Ukraine you will not avoid the necessity to process working permit enabling you to work on Ukrainian territory on a legal basis.

    We are ready to help you with this issue. the foreign citizen can process working permit either being on the territory of Ukraine or based on power of attorney letter to the name of our team specialist.

    If you decide with working permit processing being on the territory of Ukraine and your employer does not feel to be competent enough about the legal aspects of such issue you can always contact our specialists and mention all required details.

    If you decide with working permit processing when being outside of Ukraine and you are pressed for time you can make power of attorney letter to the name of our company representative and get the ready working permit as a result.

    The price of such service is from 500USD and does not depend on the fact of this permit processing either on the territory of Ukraine or based on power of attorney letter. The final price is settled after defining the entire spectrum of services needed by the customer

    • Huge demand on the specialists in various spheres
    • Low lodging/ food prices
    • Inviting policy for foreigners
    • International companies at local markets
    • Fast growing economy
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  • Starting a business
    from 1500 $

    Starting own business is not an easy task even in own country, but when foreigner incorporates business in another country the difficulties double.

    Our company clearly understands the obstacles foreigners can run into when starting the business on the territory of Ukraine.

    All you need to do is to address our company specialists, mention the character and structure of planned or existing business and nuances you plan solving or legalize in Ukraine.

    Our specialists will access existing situation and consult on the aspects which aspects should be paid attention to and solve existing problems with minimum financial and psychological losses.

    The price of our services in this direction starts from 1500 USD and depends on the character of requires services related to business incorporation in Ukraine.

    We will help your business to grow and will not be afraid various check-ins.

    • Low rental fee from 10$/м2
    • Lowest taxes in Eastern Europe
    • Educated people and professional specialists
    • Low startup capital for market entry, weak market competition
    • Dynamic market with huge options of growth
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  • Residence permit
    from 1500 $

    If you decided to stay in Ukraine for a long time no matter what the reasons are, either it goes about studies, work, developing business or if you got fascinated with the beauty of Ukrainian women and fall in love with one of them you will not avoid the necessity to process legal residence permit in Ukraine.

    Our specialists are ready to help you with this issue. All you need to do is to send the request to our company and describe your situation related to the necessity of long-term stay in Ukraine.

    We will study your situation, provide required consultations and speak on the order of such important document processing taking into account your needs and the documents you already have.

    The price of company services in this direction is from 1500 USD. It includes consulting the processing of all required documents and customer representation in state authorities. In any case, you have to contact us and we will help you to select an optimum solution of such a serious problem, which will save your time and efforts.

    • A multicultural country with European values
    • Low rental fee and food prices
    • Nature, beautiful cities and culture
    • Option to buy a land/house in a beautiful corner of the country
    • Open mind people
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  • Legal support
    by agreement

    Everyone knows that no matter if you know law or not you should pay for your actions. This saying is applicable both for our citizens and for the foreigners. But the situations might be different. In case if you run into unpleasant situation due to the fact that you do not know our country legislation no matter for what reason, we are always ready to help.

    All you need to do is to contact your representative, describe your situation on the option of providing help in solving the legislation related issue.

    We do not have specific prices for this type of services. Everything depends on the situation and ways of its solving. Contacting our specialists you can be sure about the solution of the existing problem with minimum losses for your wallet and nerves.

    • Personalized approach
    • Confidentiality and tact
    • Ability to find a solution from any situation
    • Cooperation with lawyers of various profile
    • Competitive prices
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We value each client and try our customers to be satisfied with our services and recommended us to others. So we offer a nice bonus from the sum of the order made by the customer you have invited to us. Remember to invite and remind your invitees to inform us who have invited them. Mutual profit for both of us=)

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